Why choose Kleiman Construction

what we think separates us from most others

These are some of the things that we believe separate us from a majority of other contractors in the area.

Value-Oriented, not Volume-Oriented
  • Do fewer projects and manage them well
  • This results in better quality, shorter project schedule, greater project efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

"Hands On" Project Management
  Daily  job site contact to review:
  • Work Quality
  • Work Progress
  •  Subcontractor progress and manpower levels
  •  Short-term project schedule and work plans
  •  Evaluate possible problems and solutions
  •  Weekly progress meetings with Owner and subcontractors
  •  Weekly project schedule updating and assessment
Working Superintendents
  •  Our policy is that our superintendents are expected to work with their tools as their supervision duties on the project allow.  This results in full utilization of the superintendent’s time and wages on the project.

Kleiman Construction, inc.