Cedar Rapids home office, not a branch

that means local, working ownership

Kleiman Construction is a local, community minded general contractor.  We have the sophistication, knowledge and experience to achieve outstanding results on projects of all sizes. We've served Eastern Iowa since 1980. We average $23 Million in annual sales. We are built on the experience of our quality trained, “Built by Pros” field workforce who are craftsman in their respected trades.

That field experience and craftsmanship works hand in hand with the office team that not only has the educational background of Construction Engineering and Finance MBA’s but more importantly has the ownership mentality of  being fully invested in every project, knowing our name is on the line with each and every project.  When you live in the community you build in, that matters.  

Come build with us, experience the difference of working with construction people as opposed to salesmen.  Straight talk about the budget and the schedule, we think you can handle that. 


KCI's Commitment...
Kleiman Construction has over 30 years experience in all aspects of commercial, industrial, and institutional construction, water and wastewater treatment construction.  We have a proven track record of superior performance and quality on our projects.



KCI's Financial Commitment...

Audited Financial Statements

Avoid Thousands in Bond Costs

Protected from Sub-Contractor Failures


KCI's Commitment to Quality...
Our superintendents are seasoned professionals.  We have 8 superintendents with 20+ years of construction experience, all of whom have 15+ years of employment with Kleiman Construction.



KCI's Commitment to Employees...We take the responsibility of a safe job site seriously and make sure that all proper precautions are taken to comply with OSHA standards. Weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings.
Subcontractors are monitored closely to ensure they are working safely.

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